Tuesday, November 29, 2011

product parade: american spoon salsa

american spoon salsa and lime tortilla chips
Last night, after 'Midnight Madness', I arrived home to a happy husband.  What was the recipe for his contentment? A blissful combination of: the children asleep in their beds, our dog asleep at his feet, Monday Night Football on the TV and a plate of chips and salsa in his lap.  Who wouldn't be happy?  Don't let the tropical colors fool you, this Mango Habanero Salsa packs a yummy one-two punch - sweet & heat!

As a devoted fan of all things American Spoon, I thought today would be the perfect time 'talk' about this little gem.  I discovered the Michigan based, American Spoon, more than a decade ago, while visiting my in-laws at their summer place.  The American Spoon storefronts are distinctive and each features an enticing 'tasting bar', showcasing their popular preserves.  (Christmas tip: They ship worldwide their delicious products in beautiful packaging)

If you don't know American Spoon, click here to visit their online shop and here to request a copy of their catalog.  When this baby arrives in the mail - I sit down and read it like a magazine. Great graphics, gift ideas and recipes!  Enjoy!

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