Thursday, November 17, 2011

super simple smoothies

When weekday mornings get busy, I often rely on smoothies to get nutritional and high-energy foods into my kids.  (Cereal and toast can't fill them up on their own!) I have a standard recipe that I taylor to the fresh and frozen fruit I have on hand.  Once you make these a few times, you'll grow confident enough to eye-ball the measurements. Both Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution and Mad Hungry's Smoothie recipes inspired us.  I'll share with you our smoothie formula and then the family favorite. 

Formula for Smoothies in Seconds:
1 serving of fresh fruit
1/2 c frozen fruit
1/2 c yogurt
1 c juice
1 T natural sweetener (optional)
1/2 c oats (optional)


1. Slice or dice your fresh fruit.  

2. Place in the blender with frozen fruit, yogurt and juice. Add oats for an extra energy boost.

3. Whir until smooth.  Taste and if you prefer, sweeten with honey, agave or maple syrup . 

Family Fave ~ Banana-Mango Smoothie
1 ripe banana, sliced
1/2 (heaping!) c frozen mango chunks
1/2 'Banilla' yogurt (from Stoneyfield)
1 c orange juice
1 T maple syrup

Sweet, smooth and sunny!
Great for cold, dark, New England mornings in the winter!

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