Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Ga-Ga for Grilled Cheese

Fall means COZY foods and some of my favorites involve the comfort of melted cheese. While recently watching an episode of The Great Food Truck Race, I was inspired to think 'outside-the-box' on grilled cheese. (Thank you On Demand) My kids still love a classic but I've been trying some new cheese and bread combos. My current fave is pictured above, Taleggio cheese on Iggy's Brioche roll, after a few minutes in the panini press. Between two cast iron pans would work, too!

I like to slice cheese in advance and we grill them up to order on busy nights when we can't all eat at the same time.

Our favorite combos:
(Depending upon the bread, I'll use a griddle or a panini press.)

Pepperidge Farm + American
A classic for my kids - they can devour them by the stack on a day filled with soccer.

Sourdough + Gruyere
Great combo - the sourdough can stand up to any of your favorite Alpine cheeses.

Italian + Fontina
Fontina melts like a dream; mozzerella would be great here, too.

Brioche + Taleggio
Talleggio is a beautiful (slightly stinky) cheese from Italy - you can find it at Whole Foods. A few minutes in the panini press makes this sandwich restaurant-worthy.

What's your favorite Grilled Cheese?

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