Thursday, January 26, 2012

product parade: cheese grater

a favorite kitchen toy - Alessi's cheese grater

As kitchen accessories go, I love to look but must buy with caution.  Our storage is sparse so any tool must serve multiple purposes or be high-frequency in its use. Alessi's hand held cheese grater has graced my kitchen for many years.  It's been used by all members of our family and some helpful friends. This little gem has only one purpose but is a work horse in our cheese-loving family.

A favorite purchase on a trip to San Francisco (oh, so many moons ago), this grater is easy to hold, perfect for engaging young helpers.  It's cheerful design graces our table on pasta nights and  I have been know to put it in the fridge with leftover cheese for use the next morning in a fritata.

Red is a signature color in our kitchen!
Do you and your family have a favorite kitchen tool?

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