Friday, December 9, 2011

friday field trip: cambridge, ma

ahhhh ... true love
I have been waiting all week for this trip to Cambridge.  My destination: the new location of Hi-Rise Bakery.  Would their coffee be as wonderful as remembered from their original spot on Brattle Street?

First, I must confess that prior to my first trip to Italy, I was a major contributor to the success of Starbucks. But one valuable lesson I learned from Italians: sit and give your coffee the respect it deserves.  Neighborhoods full of people sit and enjoy their coffee over the paper or with friends.  That may be your Starbucks - but I was always dashing in and out running from one errand or appointment to another.  So I have made a conscious effort to only order coffee drinks when I am able to give them the proper time.  The other lesson I learned: an amazing cup of coffee is worth waiting for. And hence this sojourn to Cambridge.

Fingers crossed,  I made my way down MA Ave with a slew of quarters for feeding meters.  And was rewarded with a wonderful breakfast! Pics below of the yumminess and my stroll through Harvard Square. Locals - visit Hi-Rise. You won't be disappointed!

mushroom & ham on sourdough
... amazing

coffee no. 2
for my stroll in Harvard Square
new location definitely delivers
1633 Mass Ave, Cambridge
unique gifts

gourmet pantry - great European chocolates
love the windows at Anthropologie

best chocolate in Boston

I wish I could make this scratch-n-sniff
I could smell the evergreens
half a block away!

where I get my running shoes
each year on my birthday
welcoming patrons outside Upper Crust

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