Sunday, December 11, 2011

cookie celebration: a visit with Germain Lawrence

is there anything more inspiring than a blank slate?

I love the way food preparations make conversation easy, bringing generations and people from all walks of life closer together.  Yesterday, I shared a holiday moment with some very brave and artistic girls who reside at Germain Lawrence, a unique facility that treats girls in crisis.

Much gratitude to Stephanie Terry and Karina Nolasco for yesterday ... and for the connections they have facilitated between women in our community and the staff and residents at Germain Lawrence.  It is a miraculous thing indeed.  And isn't that what this time of year is all about?  Enjoy a creative moment with people you love - the holiday spirit will flow!

Recipe for a Cookie Celebration

2 Stations:
  I- decorating already baked cookies; accommodating up to 4 rollers
  II- rolling out cookie dough and cutting into shapes

For Station I:
3-4 Rolling Pins
6-8 discs of pre-made batter, rolled between sheets of saran wrap
6-8 Cookie Cutters - faves from yesterday: gingerbread person, trees, flower, star, angel
+ extra batter waiting in a bowl (just in case)

For Station II:
Frosting; white (tons, please), red & green
Food Dyes; for custom colors
Plastic Knives; for spreading
Frosting Pens; white, red, green
Sprinkles; red, green, blue, white or silver balls
Plates for each artist to contain their work

Trays for allowing the designs to set
Boxes or bags for cookies to travel.

Add holiday music, 'Eager Participants' and a holiday memory is in the making. Our two stations and 4 long tables connected end-to-end served more than a dozen people at a time. Be brave - make a happy mess!

the girls will be bringing cookie packages
to homes in their neighborhood this year


  1. What beautiful creations - and what a great activity for these girls to share. I do this with my kids and grandkids and I love the "happy mess".

    Thanks for sharing and thanks for giving your time and talent to these young ladies.

  2. All the cookies looked so delicious! I bet it was a fun activity to do!

    Merry Christmas to you and yours!


  3. That looks like it was a lot of fun!