Wednesday, February 8, 2012

banana muffins

Perfect for after-school snacks
and for tucking into lunch boxes!

(Yes, still using Christmas muffin liners!)

Check out Claire's perfect Banana Muffins.

My boys love muffins - and I love the ease with which they travel.  Our two favorites are today's post, banana muffins from Cook With Claire, and our pumpkin muffins.  A couple of browning bananas were calling me yesterday, so in the early afternoon I quickly pulled the ingredients together and they were ready as an after school snack.   (Happily consumed over homework and again after a friendly game of football.)

My DF Claire's muffin recipe is the best.  Her technique is simple, her ingredients wholesome and her pictures the perfect tutorial.  My only adjustment was to leave out the chocolate chips (oh, no!) because we were all out.  Make muffins with your kids - so simple and satisfying!

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