Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day Playlist & Quick Cake!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day!  May love and laughter mark not only today but all your days.
Shout out to both my boys for helping to make a lovely supper on a busy weeknight.  Ryan was my sous chef for the pasta with meat sauce (evoking Lady and the Tramp) and Ethan helped me with this tasty and quick to assemble chocolate cake.

This miracle cake is moist and delicious.
You whisk all the dry ingredients in your baking square,
create a well in the middle (like for homemade pasta),
incorporate the wet ingredients with your whisk,
bake for 35 minutes,
cool, frost and serve in the same dish!
This recipe is an easy vegan treat (no eggs, no dairy), simple enough for beginning bakers and perfect for all of us on a busy night.  Another classic from Mad Hungry, check it out at this link.

I also thought I'd share our playlist for today - made possible by the  'old' tradition of buying CD's rather than downloading singles onto an MP3 player. :).  It was great fun rummaging through the old collection.  What romantic classics are sitting on your shelf of CD's?

Fly Me To The Moon
(sorry for the small pic!)

Slightly, embarrassing that I knew all the words.

Classic - bring on those memories!

No one could sing quite like her.
And this movie was a romance must back in the day!

Tony Bennett is always groovy!

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